The First Snow

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Oct 19, 2019 00:45
It’s been snowing here since noon. Envy! It’s the first snow in this winter (I said, winter’s coming)
I looked through the window just now. Cars, grass, fallen leaves - all are covered with snow. Too little snow for snowballs. The snow will melt. First snow always melts. I hope - I have no shoes for winter. Yes, yes, I’d known that winter was coming. There is a Russian proverb prepare a sledge during summer and a cart during winter. There is also a joke: what is the difference between a man dormitory and a woman one? In woman’s they wash dishes after a meal and in man’s – before. It seems, the joke doesn’t suit to the theme… Some creative people here prefer to wear summer shoes and clothes in winter - it such a style, but I’m a bit out of fashion.
It’s still snowing outside.