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Nov 8, 2018 14:06
I grew up and I’ve been living by the river. When I was a boy, I would fish. I wasn’t very successful in fishing and I wasn’t fond with fishing. However, when about ten years ago a friend of mine invited me to fish, I had very exciting experience. Spirit of Hunter woke up in me. Alas, I liked spinning, but in my town this tackle is useless. I see fishers, but they use a feeder or float tackle (I’m not sure I named they correctly) or some unlawful ways of fishing. Probably, I’m a bad fisher – it may be so, but when I see a fisher with a spinning, I never see a fish in his hand. I know people who fishing with spinning, but they do it far away of the town. I had very little luck with spinning and I didn’t want to use something another, so my passion fade away after some years. But before, I knew a lot about spinning. I knew different way of spinning and great variety of baits and fakes. Do you know how much could cost a spinning bait or a rod? There are different ones: cheapest Chines, expensive Japanese. I made many by my own. In fact I spent more time to know about techniques of spinning than to fish. It’s amazing that the fish has bad eyesight, can’t descry colors, but can prefer this or that color, even in deep water at the night. Any way I think that fishing tackles must be bright and beautiful (alas, sometimes they are expensive like juwelles). You must have enjoyment for seeing and having them. The most of my own collection was stolen and the rest I gave away.