Aldar-Kohse the Kazakh Robin Good

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Aug 16, 2019 22:39

Aldar-Kohse (Алдар-Косе) is the one of favorite characters of Kazakh folklore. He was (in actually he never was) a son of a poor herdsman. The name “Aldar” means a trickster, bluffer. “Kohse” is a nickname, it means unbearded (beardless/smooth-chinned/lack-beard). He wasn’t against of bearing beards. He just wasn’t able to grow one. He was a crook, but he never deceived poor people. He always helped to them and protected them from outrage of rich men, and sometimes, wild beasts’ and even demons’. However, he disliked evil greed stupid rich people and because of them he certainly was “Aldar” – a cheater. Unlike Robin Good he went without weapon and a team and he wasn’t a nobleman. It seems to me he maybe had a bow, but he never used it to harm a man, even though a man was one. He did only by savvy, sly and a word.
Here an old Soviet cartoon and a new Kazakh one.