A Conversation with a Smart Person

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Feb 13, 2019 00:45
Some people have a habit talking with themselves. When they think about something they can “think in their hearing”. They can ask themselves audibly or matter in small voice.
There is a joke. When somebody hears as one talk in such a way, he asks, “Who is you are talking with?” Then, an asked person answers, “I’m talking with a clever one.” The asking person asks again, “Who is it?” and the answer will be, “I am.”
A chef of department, which I was working in, had this habit and liked this joke. Time by time somebody asked him, “Are you talking with that smart man again?”
PS (02/14)
It's just a joke. You are talking to yourself. Somone asks you what you are doing. There is a way laugh it off. Of couse, you must be sure that other people have a sense of humor or, at least, are friendly to you. Otherwise, you must be sure that you can afford youself to ignore people's opinions.