Fantasy and Christianity. Tolkien

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Dec 27, 2017 20:08
I never was very fancy of Tolkien before the movies “The Lord of Rings” was realized. I’d had some opportunities to know Tolkien’s oeuvre, in video store, where I had been working was a cartoon of Ralph Bakshi and in my home was a book. I was surprised when I found the book. I think, somebody had given it to my brother for our birthday. In a preface of the book, I read about a story of life and sources of creativity of Tolkien. Universal of “The Lord of Rings” had born much earlier than “The Lord of Rings” and “Hobbit” and was written in “The Silmarillion”. “The Silmarillion” is mythology of Middle-Earth and, according to V. Soloviev (a translator of “The Lord of Rings” and author the preface), it is paraphrase of the Genesis and it is more orthodox than it meets the eye. One of stories tells about love Beren and luchien (these names were written on groves of Tolkien and his wife). Beren is a man and Luchien is an elf, daughter a king of elves. Their love cost them untold suffering, but they were able get by. As award them let stay together and Luchien refused of elves’ deathless for human’s deathless for being with Beren in eternity. The Creator gave the death to people as a gift, as a deposit of something more, but Morgot, “papa” of Sauron, distorted it – people are afraid of death. Two sons of Beren and Luchien were given a choice the path of men or the path of elves. One of them become ancestor of Aragorn, the other is Erlond Half-elf, Arven’s father. Tolkien was catholic. One of other his stories named “Leaf by Niggle” is allegory story about death, purgatory and paradise.