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Oct 18, 2017 13:17 Humor
A shoemaker made shoes and sent his apprentice to sell them. The apprentice came to the market and met two disabled men there: one without a right foot, another without a left one. They bought the shoes for $25. Therefore, one man bought the right shoe for $11.5 and another bought the left for $11.5. The apprentice came back to the shoemaker, gave to him the money and told how he sold the shoes. The shoemaker said, “I must to make a discount for disabled people, so take $5, go, find those men and give to them the money.” The apprentice found the men, but he gave to them only $2, for each $1, and pocketed $3. So, two man bought one shoe for $11.5 each and apprentice appropriated $3, the totals $26, but it should be $25, shouldn’t it? Whence do $1 come?