The Deity for Whom Sacrifices Are Never Enough

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Jul 11, 2018 19:06
I read an article in a magazine thirty years ago about a sociological study. Researchers compared levels of knowledge and self-estimation among school leavers in some countries. According the study, the American student had lowest level of knowledge and highest level of self-estimation and the South-Korean student had the level highest of knowledge and lowest level of self-estimation. The study did not mentioned Russia (it was yet the USSR) and China, so I wander which point Russia took then on this scale. However, it is not difficult to say what the direction is in that Russian schools go today: more self-estimation, but no more knowledge. Is it better? There is such a joke: autopsy will tell us.
I watched a video some months ago. American psychologist was saying about a problem. The problem was increased frequency of sexual assault in American campuses. A boy and a girl go on a date. A boy wants sex; a girl is not ready do it and… What is the reason? The lack of sexual education… of girls. It need to be as it is in Denmark, there all things are so good. I do not remember if the researcher said something about sexual promiscuity. It is not first time when I heard as an American says that something is better in Europe than in America. Poor Americans.
The researcher also noticed that a female pubic is becoming a “public place” (a place on display) like it was with female armpits in 30th. If to shave armpits is not too hard, plastic surgery of labia has far-reaching implications for health.
Yesterday, I watched a video with Anatoly Wassermann. In the video Wassermann said, “Liberalism appeared as the search of expressions and forms of liberty of individuality compatible with well-being, stability and development of society, but now “liberalism” is named faith in salutary unlimited freedom of individuality regardless on society… Adherents of totalitarian cult of “Liberalism” are not able to understand objective law of society as a whole and if they are able to notice and understand, they are no “liberals” longer…I was and I am no longer one.”
Today I corrected an entry of a Japanese. She texted that Japanese students have to clean the classroom after class. It considers as mean of education. She said that Americans and Europeans find this strange, but I think this is a good custom. I think it is no good for an INDIVIDUAL themselves if too much to pamper their egoism.