The Farthest Shore

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Jun 25, 2018 01:52
The Farthest Shore is a story from series of fantasy books written by the American writer Ursula Le Guin (she had gone in that January). I read those books some twenty years ago, so I can confuse something. There was a quite average magus who was very afraid of death. His fear of dying was so strong that he decided cheat death. He went alive to into the realm of the dead, only not to die. His deed tore ‘the tissue of being’ and the breach sucked from the world of living songs, lore, fairy tale, and even colors. Every man and woman in their dreams saw the light, flickered in the hand of the sorcerer, and heard his voice. The voice promised immortally to them, but wretched man lied. He couldn’t give it. He just tried to satisfy his unquenchable thirst of life, but he couldn’t because he betrayed life. People and even dragons, beckoned by illusory immortality got crazy.
Le Guin’s stories are mixture of different ideas. She was Christian (as they said), but there is the distinct interest to Eastern philosophy in her works. I think that Le Guin’s Earthsea stays in the middle between Tolkien’s Middle-eart and Zelazny’s Amber. The protagonists of Tolkien don’t know about any ‘Balance’, The protagonist of Zelazny don't care about it.