Who Killed Rasputin? (BBC)

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Apr 17, 2018 15:02
One day I came in a church (“Stopped in to a church I passed along the way” - The Mamas And The Papas). There was going a liturgy. When the liturgy ended, a preacher said a sermon. I can’t recall what he said except one thing. He said Rasputin was a saint man slandered by enviers. What a wild thing! I went off embarrassed. I have a habit to look up in the internet for all new words, so, of course I looked up in Wikipedia about Rasputin. I got yet more confused. Wikipedia don’t say, ‘Rasputin was saint’ of course. However, it was much more softly to Rasputin than I could expect. The Soviet historiography regarded to Rasputin (to Romanov’s family too) very hostility. It’s not often when point of view of Soviet ideologists coincided with one in another part of world - “…Lover of the Russian queen, there was a cat that really was gone, Russia's greatest love machine…” - the popular song of Boney-M. I read on Wikipedia that BBC made the documentary ‘Who Killed Rasputin?’ It proved that British Intelligence Service killed Rasputin. I have never heard about it before. Have you heard? Have you watch the cartoons ‘Anastasia’? Do you remember that hell riser with a bat, that ‘dark force’? But, maybe it was good deed to kill Rasputin? Who needs to kill innocent people? Therefore, it was… Probably... More likely…