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Jan 18, 2019 02:54
How much do you estimate salt? You can buy it in any store and in any quantity if you want. Ordinary salt cost nothing. There are many sorts of salt today – salt with species, sea salt, pink salt, black salt, kosher salt… Do you want salt from the Himalayas?
Salt was not only a seasoning. It was not so long ago that people didn’t have any refrigerators. There were not many ways to store food without salt. Colombo wouldn’t reach America without salt (was it better, if humanity newer knew salt :)?). Blacksmith used salt to harden steel. Roman soldiers even were paid in salt. Alchemists, philosophers…
Salt was a big value in the past. Salt was magical substance. If the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned?
Can you imagine your life without salt? Or, may be, should I say that salt can’t be available, can disappear? Where were you searching it if you couldn’t buy it anywhere? Oh! You live by the sea (I don’t)… OK, what will you do? To boil soup of sea water?
That is such an absurd idea in these days of globalization, when you can order a tooth brush from other end of the earth just by your phone. But… somewhere in Ruanda, Liberia or, say, Iraq? Value of salt is relate, I think.
There were some troubles in Russia: the two World Wars, Revolution, Civil War, collapses of Russian Empire and Soviet Union, sanctions. I know only from books that during the Wars was shortage of salt
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