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Apr 18, 2018 15:44
Are you ever been asked by people at streets? Sometimes people ask for direction. It’s happens somebody asks for help. There are two special kind of people, which I can encounter in my town.
One type is beggars. Saying about beggars, I don’t mean drunkards and hoboes (they have recognizable appearance, so you know what they are doing and what they can ask for), I mean quite well-dressed, respectable and not-timid young people that ask for change. I don’t begrudge change, but I get annoyed when they talk too much. When I see somebody, who are going to come to me and ask me for something, I’m waiting they will ask for something, so if they start to get round (начинают “заговаривать зубы”) and to begin telling in an indirect, circuitous manner (to begin beat about the bush? “начинают издалека”), I can go off, “Why do you look at my eyes? Why do you shake my hand? I’m not your friend! I don’t know you! Do you need change? Why can’t you just ask for change?” In that case, they can take offence. It’s appears that I have uneasy temper.
Another type is Jehovah's Witnesses. They usually start with a distracted question like, “Are you pleased with your life?” or “What you think about your future?” and sometimes “Are you think God exist?” There are Baptists in my town, as far as I know, but I never encounter them.