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Jun 6, 2018 16:05
If in midnight you come alone in snug place bringing with you bread, salt and water you can summon a little magic creature that grants you wish. You must say the spell, “Bread, salt, water, a good dwarf come here!” When I was a tad, I would hear it and I believed it. There were else macabre stories about a yellow fang and a flying violet vinyl disk (they kill children). On a shipyard, where I’m working, we don’t use any document with #13 – it’s a tradition. In fact, I don’t believe any superstitions as well as astrology and paranormal (I don’t mean being of God), but I dislike go through “dog’s gate” (when an electric pole has a brace like Greek letter λ). People avoid do it, I don’t know why (I don't care). But I likes black cats!
Some Poles had inquired about Russians superstitions on Lang-8 a few months ago. Why do it interested for Poles?
Some Russian superstitions.
Don’t leave a knife on a table, don’t leave opened scissors – it will be a quarrel or fight.
Don’t leave breadcrumb on a table and dirty dishes in a kitchen – a brownie turns nasty.
Don’t sweep crumbles from a table by hand and by papers – I don’t remember what it will be
Don’t sit on a table - ?
Don’t whistle at home – you’ll lose money. Don’t give money in the evening. If you need to give back money in the evening and you can’t postpone it till the morning, don’t give it in hand, but put it on a threshold.
Don’t convey anything over a threshold.
Don’t sew a garment when it’s worn on you – you’ll have ‘sewn’ your memory.
Don’t wear clothes inside out – you’ll be beaten.
If you run into person with an empty bucket, spill salt or a black cat rans across your way – you’ll have bad luck (a broken mirror – very bad luck, I think, you know it too).
Don’t indicate on your body, when you’re talking about diseases, traumas or surgery operations. Don’t talk about misfortune aloud. If you say something like this without thinking you need to knock on something that is wooden, usually on table (there’s a jest for this case to say, “Knock on your head”)
If you go away for travel, you need sit down and clutch a corner of a table for a moment before you departure – for good travel. Don’t sweep floor after somebody’s departure.
There are also some pseudo-Christian beliefs: it’s mustn’t to bury died across a river; if to pray for the repose (молиться за упокой/to pray for living person as for died) of a living person in church, this person get ill etc.