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Feb 9, 2018 18:52
Fool (Durak, maybe it more correct call Stupid or Goof, I'm not sure) is card game. I know not many card games. I know “Ochko” (Black Jack)that is a very stupid game in my opinion and in addition a gamble. There are some more game like this, equaly gambling and fulish. I remember “101” and “Akulina”, games for children, I’ve forgotten their rules. I saw once teachers gaming Preference and I heard of Bridge and Poker. The favourite game of workers (blue collars) is “1001” (Tiscicha, Tisha, Shtuka). In the game play only twenty-eight cards and in a deck is thirty-six or fifty-four ones, so you can see easy whether people play in this game: a half of cards in a deck would be soiled. My father was working on a floating crane (it’s big machine established on a big floating pontoon). There were cards and domino as well as chess and draughts in a “red corner” (a special room for resting). Such rooms, where workers rest, and, especially big machines and big engines always causes some nostalgia in my soul… However, I get off topic. A game of “1001” goes on rather long and time of breaks is too short for it. Once, not so long ago, I saw men playing Fool. It surprised me – adult and even old men are playing a child game. But it wasn’t so simple. Main rules was the same: a high card beat a low one, if you are attacked and you have a card of equal value, you can pass. If you can’t pass or defend you abandon the defense. If you only one who has cards you lose. However, there were some modifications. Hearts are trumps always and beat any suit except spades and spades beat only spades. An additional variable significantly changes the game. I’d been watching dramatic matches when emotions ran so high. Men were getting out of tight places, made and broke alliances, were working out possibilities. One man never play cards. If men left cards spread out on table, he took a big nail and nailed all the deck onto a wooden plank – don’t left a mess!