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Jun 27, 2018 19:21
There is lot resources in the internet for learning English words. Some are better some are worse. I’m using two sights for memorization of words. One is quiet simple (and free) and gives as many meanings for a word as they have found. Sometimes it hinders, because a word might have lots of meanings, but some of they are obsolete or infrequent. Yes, of course, I can check it up on MERIAM-WEBSTER or OXFORDDICTIONARIES, but… Who said I’m lazy?! I’m not! I’m VERY tired. Usually it’s needn’t to check up and I do, but it’s then when I don’t check up, it happens some ‘debacle’. It’s worse, when I want to find a match for a Russian word: when there are some possible translating and each has some meanings… OK, I’m lazy.
Another sight, I think, designed for children. It has some useful opportunities and I use it for addition to the first sight. By contrast, it usually gives one-two meanings for a word and illustrates a word by a picture. However, pictures don’t always help. There was a picture of such a nice laughing little girl for the word ‘jailbait’, so the root ‘jail’ didn’t ambush me and I used the word in an unsuitable context. I’ reading an article on DAYLYWRITINGTIPS about etymology of names of animals, now it chanced that the first syllable of ‘greyhound’ comes from Old English term referring to a female dog. My second sight mislead me again. I thought ‘greyhound’ is a girl wearing a short skirt