The Bathhouse.

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Jul 28, 2017 19:31
A bathhouse is one of things that Russian consider their national invention and proud. Is it truth? I don’ t mind in actually. Anyway, a bathhouse is a main SPA not only for Russians. People who have a house on the ground have an own a bathhouse too. There are many public baths now – cheaper ore more luxurious. It may offer you different sort of massage, beverage, pool and another kind of baths – hammam and sauna. Some of them offers very specific services – sex.
When I was kid, I went with my father in the public bathhouse near our home. It was ordinary public bathhouse, but it had one feature. In the steam room wall was a big valve in wall. If it was being opened, steam room was filling white, hot steam (steam went by piper from other place).
Children usually don’t like hot steam (I didn’t), and induced by adults. The necessary attribute of bathhouse is special besom (this seems more nice-sounding word) made by a birch or oak (usually it birch). I say it is very advisable from skin.
I was in baths very rarely in baths at last 20 years. I haven’t friend who has own bathhouse and I disdained a public one. But two years ago, traveling in the Altai Mountains in July, I got in snowfall. The half of day, going down to the tent camp, all wet, shuddering and exhausted. I didn’t catch a cold, but I felt a numbness in my fingers. It lasted a long, so I overcome my squeamishness. The old bathhouse don’t exist now, there is another one some far. It isn’t said that the place is gorgeous, but it was built well. Some people come in, wash up and come out. Other ones come for steam. I’m going on Saturday’s morning when little people there. At this time there a few regular customers come, mainly old-year. There are interested persons among them, it is a kind an elite club
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