Playing football in the Rain

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Apr 28, 2018 16:16
The weather is wretched today. The morning was dreary. It was raining and windy. I was late for work - today we are working for Monday. Now, weather has been changing in every half hour – it has been dark and then light, and dark again. There is a football (socker) field nearby my office. I can see it through the window. Sometimes games and trainings carry out there. There aren’t any seats so there are hardly some onlookers, only I look sometimes through the window. The game is today and today play girls. They’re some 12 years old, I think, hardly more. The white team plays against the skarlet one.
I’ve glanced on field some time just to see as white number 10 gets the ball and then kicks it away on air, well done! It’s started raining. It’s getting darker and the rain’s getting heavily, but the game doesn’t stop. The lightning flashed – it’s the first gale in this year. The torrential rain turns to heavy hail; the players leave the field.
Five minutes later, the girls came back on the whitened field. Number 10 is trying to skate on the field. Number 10 is dancing! What a funny girl! The game resumes and the rain resumes too. I’m not fancy with football, I mast work. Oh, somebody scored a goal.