A Bad Karma

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Jan 12, 2019 22:13
There is a kind of video on YouTube called “Instance Karma” (or something like this). When I watched such a video once again, I concerned what the karma is. I read several articles on Wikipedia about the karma and related concepts. I don't claim to be the absolute truth. I’m just trying not letting my poor English become finally rusty (and I have fan a little).
Let’s go.
First of all Sansara. I heard a Russian song with this name and it seems that Sansara is something good. In actually, Sansara is like a web. We all stick in it. A soul (mokshe) sinks in Ocean of Sansara.
Next is Trishna, the thirst of living – the main source of suffering. It’s fanny, but Eastern philosophy associated for me with something hedonistic like the Kama Sutra. Alas, there is eternal damnation in the world, but it doesn’t wait us after death, vicious cycles of lifes itself - insatiable desires, wars, diseases, famine – is eternal damnation. Is it endless? Generally, it’s. But… if you are a human, you have the incredible good fortune. It couldn’t be so when you will be born in the next time.
Lastly, Karma is a millstone tied to your neck and it becomes bigger and bigger over time.
How (How can we?) get rid of suffering? Moderate your desire, like Buddha did. He has reached to Nirvana. He… will never be born again. Don’t get upset! Another few buddhas will be. Their complete number is 28. Yes, the buddha Shakyamuni left Sansara forever, but you can follow him to the best world.
Wait a minute… I just remembered. There was a movie in which Buddha was born again. He was born again in the US, what is more he was born in two people (a boy and a girl) simultaneously… and that man in the Matrix said, “Karma is just a word”… and another movie, Cloud Atlas, there was no any Karma at all… and, how often we hear something like, “In this life I’m not successful”, “in the last/next life” or “not in this life”… Stop, it seems I wrote about this somewhere, I repeat myself. Well, there are some Muslims, who believe that for getting in Paradise need to kill the infidel. There is always some wide gate and broad road. There is an idea that seems witty to me : Atheists have little to do with Muslims, Jews or Christian except one thing – those and others are born only one time (or not?).
A playful song on this topic for Russian learners: a Ballad about Transmigration of Souls (the record of that time when I was born).