An Encounter

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Feb 5, 2019 23:39
I was going home. It was a summer’s sunset. A sultry day was over. Shadows got longer. I worked then in a store over the river went home by feet. So, I was walking through the old bridge. In the end of the bridge, two guys stood. They were drinkers judging from their face. When I came closer I saw a bottle of vodka staying on the railing of the bridge between them. To drink in such a public place, in plain view – it’s serious challenge to society or at lest to the police. Such fellows hardly will be adequate. They were looking at me. It’s bad sign. In such a situation it's crucial to keep calm. Don’t do anything that can be considered as afraid or weakness. I come abreast.
The man said, “Bro, drink with us.”
It was not only the request itself that amused me, but he said it so calmly and without a hint of aggression.
He kept on, “My wife gone away…”
“I’m sorry”, I answered without any compassion. Had he looked at mirror? I would go away from him too if I were she. The man drew a sigh and ended, “… left this life.” I was discouraged again. His wife had died, but I missunderstood him first that she left him (he said it in such a strange way). “I’m sorry, but I don’t drink”
I waited a moment in silence, then turned and went on. I felt odd. I wasn’t rude, actually. I didn’t had to drink. But, I felt odd.