A Holy Caw

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Nov 8, 2019 00:46 Humor
I watched a video on YouTube recently. I watched it not on the purpose, but accidentally. It was the "Holy Cows’ March” (Марш священных коров) by Akvarium (a Russian rock band, their front-man is Boris Grebenshikov – “BG”). Akvarium is one of the oldest Russian rock-bands. I like a few their songs. I hadn’t listened to this song and hadn’t watched the video before even it’s a pretty old song – it was realized in 2011. It’s a funny video and catchy tune. And it isn’t wicked. However, I didn’t enter into the lyrics (split a hair?). Watch the video, if you interested, the link is below.
First, I wasn’t going to write about the song (I only shared it with a British friend of mine here). But there was an opportunity to join it with another topic. The thing is the cows in the video wear “English/British” clothes. A few months ago, an old Russian musician and singer Uryi Loza wasn’t flattering about some icons of western rock music such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones etc. He said that to hear LZ is impossible and that RS never used to tune a guitar (it seeme, there was something about Depech Mode). Then critics pounced Loza itself. I’m not an expert to judge and I don’t care. And I think, would be LZ famous if Robert Plant didn’t shrill like gasoline saw (does somebody rushed/dushed for rotten eggs?) or RS, if they tuned their guitars… It’s funny, but it seems the “holy cows” themselves wasn’t worried about Loza’s assaults as their Russian defenders.
PS November, 7 would be a public holiday in the USSR.