The Rule of Thumb

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Dec 20, 2019 22:46
I saw an English expression on the net. The words were, “…but here's one rule of thumb…”. Erm… But there is only one role of thumb, isn’t it? I mean the old physics rule. It seems also be knowing as the rule of the right hand. There are also the rules of the left hand and gimlet. They all connected with magnetic fields and indicate something that I can’t remember, however, I can remember from school that the rules themselves exist.
After short searching on the net I knew the English rule of thumb has nothing to do with physic. Some people think the phrase connected with wife-beating and domestic abuse. Allegedly, a husband who wanted to moderate his wife couldn’t use a stick sicker, than his thumb. Anyway, by now, the meaning has changed. I wasn’t be able to find a Russian equivalent, but in some cases Russian “Метод научного тыка” seems similar (метод научного тыка – the technique of science dab). It’s used in situations as someone doesn’t know what to do. For example, “What do the big red button?” or “Which of these button starts the machine?”. I think, it derived from Russian “ткнуть пальцем в небо” (to dab with finger in the sky) – the idiom that mean do work by guess and is an equivalent of the English idiom “a dab/shot in the dark”, so in English it would be “a science dab in the dark”. The difference with an ordinary dab is that a science dab is done with thankful look.
Do you hear of the rules, which I mentioned at the beginning? (the right/left hand’s and gimlet’s) I hope, they isn’t associated with domestic abuse.