All that I Want...

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Nov 5, 2019 00:42
At my work the radio sounds loudly all day. Music, rarely short news, review of traffic… It outvoice sometimes noise of tools. It isn’t my radio, so I didn’t choose a wave. But I’m not mind. I don’t care. I like when radio fill emptiness. I don’t like silence.
A catchy tune sounds again and again. Is it a new hit? A girl is singing in husky voice… in Russian? Yes, exactly, it’s Russian.
“…And all that I want is just to dance
(И всё, что я хочу это просто танцевать)
Life is just passing by and I’m going to …”
Жизнь проходит мимо, а я иду в…)
Where-where she is going? To a pub? (…в кабак)
That doesn’t sound in the spirit of times does it?
There it’s sounding again; what a illegible voice, “Bla-bla-bla … I’m going to a pub”
Holy mackerel! I must google it. “Bla-bla-bla … I’m going to bed” (в кровать)
Oh, this is different matter! This all right. This is in the spirit of times!