Psychological Onanism 1.01

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Jan 20, 2020 01:49

When I started writing my last entry, I kept in my mind a few Ideas I planned to write about firstly. But I wasn’t able to link all ends together, got tangled and left it as they were. I wish I’d put it off and I’d been thinking more carefully about it and texted it later. Well, as they (the Russians) say, a word isn’t a sparrow, when it flew out you can’t catch it. It needs to end it one way or another.
It struck me as it was so a relevant issue, so fertile ground. This topic is so multi-sectoral – from Scandinavian ecologic activists from Japan hikikomories. Well, to say the true, there are hikikomories not only in Japan and is there big difference between a hikikimori and some ecologic activist?
On the other hand, I mustn’t look for specks into brothers’ eyes. Reveries! Sweet reveries! You can transfer your experience on your youth rendering another life, or imagine yourself as a leader, a ruler of the world. Somebody want to be a priest of an ancient tribe…
Of course, it’s much better to fight against global warming than to drink or do drugs. Let’s go to a gym and be fighting against (or for) something. Someone can say, “Man just be yourself”, but I think, “Blessed are the realistic and the sober”