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Jun 29, 2018 00:55
They are to be raise prices of tobacco in Kazakhstan. I’ve heard it on the radio today. A pack of smokes will cost not less than 360 tenge ($1.06). My favorite brand of cigarettes cost 110 ($0.68), when I quit smoking. It’s good that I don’t smoking. Oh! I totally forgot! June 8 was my eighth anniversary. However, I must say I haven’t noticed that the number of smokers decreases. The more people struggle for the health, the more the world become unwholesome. The more people struggle for the freedom, the more the world become crazy.
I used to know a few young men and few not young who said something like, “I smoke only when I must be awake” or “… for to calm my nerves” or even “… only when I wants.” I think, all those are illusions. The thing is if you needn’t smoking, you won’t smoke. if you smoke, you need it. Don’t say, “It’s only one cigarette, only today” – it’s not for a long, you’re hooked.
In the “Told After Supper” by Jerome K. Jerome, a young man was talking with a ghost (or he thought that he was talking for he was tipsy). The ghost was smoking tobacco, or more accurately to say the ghost was smoking the ghost of tobacco. The host of all the tobacco that a man smoked in life belonged to him when he became dead. The young man observed that it was useful thing to know that, and he made his mind up to smoke as much tobacco as he could before he died. I wonder was Jerome joking or he was serious? )