At Play in the Fields of the Lord

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Nov 24, 2019 00:55
I wrote a few entries about my childish and teenage experience. Some of them were about movies that impressed me in that period. For instance, Little Darlings 1980.
Another movie that I watched then was At Play In The Fields Of The Lord 1991.
Some of the characters are missioners and their wives. One was a hypocrite Evangelist with his good wife who, looked like a fashion model. Another is a sincere, but being under delusion, Evangelist with his wife, who didn’t look like a model and had hang-ups. The third was a wise drunkard. He was a Catholic, so he has no wife. They were trying to Christianized an uncooperative tribe in Amazonia, so almost all Injuns would die. One of the preachers died too, and before that he had realized that Kisu, who he think was Jesus for Injuns, was actually a wicked demoniac spirit. And also, there was gold in the Injuns’ land.
I was impressed with movie as a teenager, but yesterday, when I reviewed the movie, I asked myself what a …? I have no reason to sympathize to Evangelist or Catholic missionaries but… What a banal story? I mean such things as a boy who was dying from malaria and asked father why loving God had created mosquito for, is it a bit vulgar? No? Ok, Ok. There is no God, but Flying Spaghetti Monster and Hollywood is a prophet of him.
However, all of that I hadn’t remember yesterday before I reviewed the movie. I forgot the biggest part of the story. I had remembered story about American pilot who was a Metis (I think it means a half-blood Injun, but the word isn’t on He saw an Injuns village in the jangle from his plane and started want to leave for them. A friend of him said, “They aren’t Crow or Shaens. They are not your folk!”, but he didn’t obey and joined to the tribe. They meet him as an envoy from heaven. Alas, even he had red skin, he was “white” inside. He was “infected” with Civilization, “infected” with deth. There is a thirst mightn’t be satisfied… (I hope, my writing doesn’t strike you as too pathetic)
What else to say? There are a few of really picturesque scenes in the movie. The movie was filmed in location in Amazonia.