New Gurus And New Revelations.

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Jul 14, 2017 16:11
Sometimes in the net comes into sight entries like this “People think in scripture (for example) tells us …, but it is translators’ mistake, and actually …” It may be there’s nothing wrong with that. Translators did mistakes for ages...It’s possible, isn’t it? Every person has the right to believe anything. Every person has the right to consider itself a genius, mage, healer, master contactless fighting and something else. Every person has the right to write any hooey. It is only a harmless prank. It is your problem to handle it.

A few years ago a man (my distant relative) felt bad and go to a healer. He get two heart attack. The healer said that the heart have 97% of health. The man died after some weeks. It isn’t difficult to understand a person who catches at a straw. The question worried me, is who is worse – a cynical charlatan or a “healer” who sincerely believes that she (he) has a “channel” by Space.
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