A Grouchy Fisher

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Aug 5, 2019 22:48
I Heard a conversation when I was a boy. Two men were chatting about a man who had not easy temper. That (the third) man had caught some fish and that was a good catch. One of the men (the first or, maybe, the second) ran into him and got interested how he had managed getting so successful. He started asking questions and now was talking about the conversation to another man trying to represent way of speaking.
The ending of that parley was:
Narrator: What a bait did you use for this fish?
The grouchy fisher (crossly): The chewed shit!
Narrator (imperturbably): Had you been chewing the shit on you own?
At first glance the grouchy fisher was rude and the narrator’s remark was wit. However… I don’t know fisher’s customs in these days, but at that time fishers grudgingly shared their secrets, so to ask so many questions was pretty unpolite and what was that the narrator expected for? Maybe, the narrator intentionally disturbs the fisher. Aside from that, the narrator had been by far not an angel and who know, probably (very probably) the grouchy fisher had other reasons for being in annoyance except his bad temper.