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Jun 24, 2018 00:57
I always had an illegible handwriting. I often could understand my own writing not without difficulty. And I always prone to write in minute/petite handwriting. It was not always bad, sometimes it was pretty well (not for long). It’s good that I’m not a physician. It’s pity that in school they don’t teach to calligraphy. Actually, when children are taught to write they have special exercise books with samples Propesies (Прописи). Once, I decided to improve my handwriting (I was recovering after illness and I had a plenty of time for I didn’t work then). For this purpose, I was looking for samples in words and I found a website by a teacher, who designed some Word files that were able to convert Russian machine text in handwriting (http://nekin.info/e26.htm). It’s need to say that different italic fonts is not the same. I modifying it a little for my own and was practicing for a month or two. Then, suddenly, I tried to write by the left hand (I’m righty). As things turned out it’s easier to learn to write by the left hand than improve handwriting of the right hand. It’s funny that at a later time I read in a psychologist book advice to learn handwriting by both hand. I also started to use a joint handwriting for English. Alas, my handwriting is still not a sample. Nevertheless, I can understand my writing usually. It’s pity that I’m not a physician.