A Winter Landscape

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Dec 6, 2018 15:17
These summer cottages (dachas) placed near Archangelsk look like play mansions. Phedor Savincev, a well known Moscow photographer, made this pictures. Phedor Savincev ranked first in photographic competition “Siena International Photo Awards “, in the category “Architecture and Building” in 2018. 48 thousand photographer from 156 countries of the world participated in the competition.
I run into this photo in a Russian social network. At first glance, it seems a wallpaper or a print on tissue, doesn’t it? Some houses are very small, so I’m sure, it is dachas that they are. It is because we don’t see people, cars, dogs and smoking chimneys at the photo – only a few gate keepers live in such settlements during the winter; yet, there have been more settlers near big cities, where to find a job is easy, but habitation is expensive.

Эти дачи под Архангельском - словно игрушечные домики. Снимал их известный московский фотограф Федор Савинцев (1982г.) В фотоконкурсе Siena International Photo Awards 2018г. Федор Савинцев получил в категории "Архитектура и городские пространства" - первое место. Всего на конкурс прислали свои работы 48 тысяч фотографов из 156 стран мира
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