The Flood. The Crash

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Apr 11, 2018 16:43
In the end of March in my town was the flood. The sours (headwater?) of the river Irtysh (Ertes in Kazakh language), known as Black Irtysh, located in the PRC. In recent years, due to industrial growth in China, water abstraction from Black Irtysh led to decline the level of water in the river, but in two last years the level of water has remained higher. The main inflows (tributaries?) of the Irtysh located in Eastern Kazakhstan (in the Altai Mountains), and then, downstream from Semei (Semipalatinsk) in Kazakhstan and until Omsk in Russia, the Irtysh hasn’t large inflows. Snowmelt in mountains starts usually in May, so it’s strange that such dramatic flood happened in March. It’s said that the rains caused the flood. Anyway, from 1-st March Shulbinsk Hydroelectric Power Station had been doing water pass, but in the third decade of March water pass increased more than in three times. The city authorities blamed the management of the Station, they in their turn blamed the Waterway’s Inspection, but either way, the flood was unexpected for the town. Ice on the river hadn’t been broken up that caused congestion. One of the most dramatic accident happened on March 29 in the Tikhomir harbor (backwater? bay?wintershelter?). The harbor was a creek, which was turned in harbor mort than fifty years ago. On the long peninsula, which separates the harbor from river, in some places were done illegal explorations of gravel that cold promote breakthrough of water. Water break over the peninsula and flowed into the harbor and further through it crushing and smashing vessels staying on the berthing and bringing them to the estuary of the harbor. I think you know that huge mass of water has giant devastating power.
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