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Apr 26, 2018 18:27
I’d been working in a video store in end 90-th. Once in the video store came a man and asked me to give him something especial, something like some movie, which he’d watched and liked. I did my best, but the man wasn’t satisfied, ‘This isn’t like’, he said. ‘Something like THAT’, he said. Well, I ‘d already done my best, but I was trying to outdo myself. I would suggest the best movies, but they all wasn’t ‘like that’. I could never get him glade. The gay, after all, ceased coming and asking. I think the issue was that the fellow was trying ‘to step the same river’. Can you see it? Some song sounded (or, for someone, will sound) on your prom, for example. It probably got the special song for you. Some things aren’t repeated. Some things needn't to reapit.
Touted and expected blockbusters often disappoint me, but it happens that the movies that I liked, I liked unexpected. A movie hasn’t good previews and an extraordinary plot, a male lead divorced with his wife because he’d became a scientologist, I ask myself why I forcing myself to come in the cinema… But eventually, it wasn’t bad and even flubs aren’t too harsh for me.
An annotation to another movie already plunge me in depression, and Russians cause all catastrophes again (I wish Hollywood was destroyed by a volcano and then was awashed by the sea), and this space suit isn’t designed for spacewalk! But, what do you expect? It’s Hollywood (damn it). At least it really has an optimistic final.