A Fern Flower

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Jul 24, 2019 00:18

Slavic people have a legend of the fern flower. They said that the fern blossoms the one day a year. It blossoms at the midnight of Ivan Kupala Day (July 7). If somebody be able to pick up a fern flower, the person gets magic power. A fern flower unlocks any lock and reveals buried treasure. If you had such a flower, you could change your appearance and understand languages of animals. Bur be careful! There is hardly anybody who was able to pick up a fern flower. It blossoms only for a trice and evil forces confuse searchers. People who dare to find a fern flower could pay a big price for their boldness. You can lose your mind or even life…
Have you already known this legend? There is hardly anybody who believes in the trueness of the story. And somebody who tells the story always ends it up with the words, “… Ferns don’t have any flowers. The fern isn’t able to produce a blossom at all.” However, they tell stories again and again… And they put presents for their children under a Christmas Tree… And their children ask Santa about good presents…
There aren’t neither Santa nor a fern flower; neither Hogwarts nor Optimus Prime; neither vampires nor werewolves nor zombies. You can be sure.