A Prophetic Story

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Jan 21, 2019 02:19 book

Long long ago, I read the story named “A Train from Hong-kong” (Паравоз из Гонгконга http://online-knigi.com/page/47767). The main story characters are family from a little near-Moscow town. I don’t know whether you can see in them yourself, your parents, siblings, neighbors. The father is an educator of a local university. He is rather clever, but he is too soft to make a career. The mother is from countryside and she is shy of it. She tries being suitable to environ of her husband and she is very smart in her own way, but she is just a redneck. The eldest son is ashamed of his mother. Actually, he is too rigorous with her. He respects his father, but he can’t speak with him. He comes into an awkward age – he is fifteen. The younger daughter is a strange five-year-old girl. They live in a low-income country in a time of decline.
Fortunately, they managed to gain a well-paid aboard job by means of mother’s connections. They make debts to bay all that they’ll need and leave for foreign country. They come into an unknown strange world. First, they managed get by with difficulties, but… it’s a sad story. However, it’s an interested story too.
I was sixteen or seventeen when I read the story. About a year later, my country collapsed and I come into a new strange world, but I needn’t have gone to anywhere.
A train from Hong-kong is a souvenir, a gift to the family from husband co-workers for parting. It’s a symbol of disappointed hopes. It’s like if you bought in Australia a boomerang made in Taiwan or China.