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Apr 9, 2018 18:01
A: ‘Do you like tomatoes?’ (Ты любишь помидоры?)
B: ‘I like eat them, but I dislike all rest about them’ (Кушать - да, а в остальном - нет)
I can cee light in the window of the house against mine every night. I know what is mean: there, on the inside sill, stay boxes with seedlings. Without the light, seedlings will grow too spindly. I know it because my family used to have a dacha (a land lot 20 by 30 meters with a little-summer house for vegetable garden). In our bleak climate, summer is too short for such plants as tomatoes, eggplants and bell peppers, so if you want to grow them you are await some difficulties. First, you need get seeds. Some people bought seeds, some people use seeds from themselves. I won’t tell how seeds are prepared to sowing, but I can say that it’s done in February or March in dependency on climate and species of plants. In this time, snow still covers ground. Only when the warm weather arrives, in May or June, it possible to plant seedlings. Sometimes seedlings plant in a greenhouse for spring frosts. Troubles don’t end when treat of frost are gone, so many people, especially in big cities, prefer to buy vegetable. However, vegetables that you can bay in supermarkets pale in comparison with ones that grown by somebody, who has green fingers.
When I was a kid and my family had been going to dacha first time after winter for cleanup and checkup. It was earlier spring. The furniture and the stove were kept at home and weren’t brought back yet, so we had been cooking on the bonfire. The only green was dill. Potatoes boiled in a sooty pot and seasoned by fresh dill in some long-gone cold bright spring day – it’s very simple meal is still one of the strongest gastronomic experience of mine.