Terror in a Russian Circus

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Oct 31, 2019 02:26

I recently published an entry about a circus and a day or two later I saw the news on the main page of my post service about a bear attacked his trainer in a circus just during the show. Such a coincidence! As the trainer told to journalist, the bear is old and isn’t fully healthy. They have been thinking about retirement for the bear, but couldn’t find a proper place where the bear would be taken, so the bear went on traveling and performing with circus. The trainer wasn’t injured, but the owner of the circus has a big problem with the authority now – as it turned out the arena wasn’t fenced, so the beast wasn’t separated from audience.
I watched in a TV show once as Russian circus animal trainers Zapashyi brothers said about animal attacks. Lions, they said, attack by the all group if one lion attacks. A tiger attacks solus and trainer can see signs of aggression and know if a tiger or lions are going to attack. But bears are unpredictable and faithless – just now it makes up to you and in a minute, it becomes moody and wicked.
My British friend told me that animals aren’t allowed to be in circuses in Britain now. Well, there’s nothing surprising here. However, I think that for some people animal welfare could be is a way to actualize THEIR aggression and intolerance to people.
I read once a book of one naturalist (maybe that was Bernhard Grzimek, I’m not sure). He was catching animals for zoo. Once, he was visited by a person who claimed him protest about prisoning wild animals. The naturalist said that he has a few monkeys he had caught and the monkeys needed for check up and asked the activist to help. First, he showed to the person monkeys’ excrements with various helminth, then they were liberating the monkeys from various dermic and hypodermic parasites. Some defender of the wild never troubled the naturalist again. How animal’s life would be harsh in a circus, it would be easier and longer than in wild. But of course, it isn’t a reason to imprison animals and, especially, to exploit them.
By the way, I looked through my previous entries and saw that the two most visited entries titled “Bloody Incident…” and “…Dangerous Behavior”. Will the combination terror, Russian and circus break the record?