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Jun 25, 2018 15:10

Which word is more common for English speakers ‘jubilee’ or ‘anniversary’? Maybe they both are, but they are using in different way? In Russian, we used ‘jubilee’ for occasions that are more considerable. In origin meaning it means fifty-year anniversary (if you’ve read the Old Testament, you could know it). If somebody use the word ‘jubilee’ for date less than ten years, either they have unjustified ambitions or he or she is joking. I’ve missed all my ‘jubilee’ on Lang-8: the first correction, first entry, hundredth entry, one-hundred-eleven (eleventy-first) entry. This is my one-hundred-thirty-seventh entry – it’s quiet round date. It’s two weeks now as I’ve almost not been learning English. Would I have a vacation? (может быть мне устроить себе каникулы?)