Stupid Birds

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Oct 16, 2018 14:00
It's doves. I’m seeing the flock of this birds through the window.
There is a football field near my office (this gives me a topic for an entry sometimes). My office on the first floor (the second floor from the ground). A pine grows on the right from the window and a maple on the left. It’s I who can see most of the field with exception the nearest left corner, which obscured by a little wooden building with a galvanized-steel steep roof. The doves are trying sit on this roof. They do it seldom. They sit on the field or aside of it (I think tiny stones attract them) or just absent. Today is a specific day: the doves placed on the roof. A circus performance started. Most of the doves sit down on the roof ridge, but some sit down on the steep. They can’t hold themselves on the steep and slip down flapping by wings and scratching by claws on thin steel. Floundering, they are achieving the eaves, where they forced take off the roof. Show must go on; new doves appeared. Then all doves flied away.
Some people love doves. Others hate them. They say doves the dove is a varmint like the rat. The dove isn’t the smartest animal any way.