Free Jimmy

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Jan 9, 2019 23:54

'Free Jimmy', or ‘Slipp Jimmy Fri’ in Norwegian, is an adult computer-animated comedy from 2006. Adult means that the cartoon is too dark and cynical for children. It doesn’t mean ‘adult’ – you know. The cartoon plot revolves around an elephant named Jimmy. Jimmy was old and ill. His destiny is really tragical.
Jimmy, an elephant from a Russian traveling circus
Russian traveling circus actors – several old stupid unshapely drunkards
Several crazy animal rights maniacs
Harsh Lapland mafia
A big spitfire hunter and his satellites (the hunter dreams to kill an elk)
A married couple of carriers of intellectual values hiking on Norway – an embody of political correctness
Four ‘bad eggs’ – they are dark persons
An elk – a good and helpful creature, the only one adequate character of the movie