A Strange Story

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Jul 31, 2019 00:54 book
I can remember a book I had when I was a boy. Several pages of the book were scrawled with colored pencils. I think, a little baby did that. Probably, I could be that little baby. However, it’s possible my twin brother or my eldest one, were who did. I read the book when I went to school and I liked it. In fifth grade, our teacher told us to bring to school a book. She wanted to found a library. The school already had a library, but the teacher said we had to found ours own one. I chose that book because I considered the book as good one, but I felt also shame and pity, because the book was spoiled and if nobody read it, I hand it out vainly.
The book was “The Grain-of-pea-Man and the Simple” (I’m not sure in my translation of the title – Человек-Горошина и простак, 1973). It’s a fairy tale. I think, you haven’t heard about it, and if I’m right, it’s strange – such stories are very popular in our days. You know what? If move the story to Harry Potter’s Universe and represent it as a spin-off, then Harry Potter’s funs get thrilled. There even isn’t need to translate most of the names of the characters – Princess, Silver, master Ganzelius, Turroputo, Lady-Scissors… But I take on a lot. I’m not a fun of Potter to judge and I go by the judgment of eleven-year-old me. Actually, it’s such a strange story.