A Bizarre Happening

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Feb 12, 2019 00:47
I had an unpleasant incident once. I was working in a little firm in the latest of ‘90. Two guys who were working for a bank took a credit in the bank. They bought a little store and rented a large part of a big one and employed their relatives and relatives’ friend as sellers. The business was simple – to bay goods (household equipment) in bulk and retail. Alas, in 98-th or 99-th was a default in Russia and not long after was a default in Kazakhstan. Circumstances became harsher and theories like Carnegie’s (one of two founder studied it) gave no profit. So they firm shrunk into a little store and a tiny part rented in a big one and I worked in this tiny department. I sold CDs and VHSs. Once, a grope of customers came into the store. Two of them came up to my counter. One of them painstaking inspected a chosen CD before pay it off. I offered do this another customer, but he bought his CD without looking or listening. After day or two the second customer was back. He showed to me a CD. The CD looked like it had been grinding by sandpaper. The man said that CD was such when he opened its box and he want to return it. I rejected the request. The man said now, “OK, don’t back out tomorrow.” That wasn’t an empty threat. Tomorrow, he came back with some friends. They started threatening me. The all fuss was about a cheap CD! I had some doubts. The major seller in the main store was a founder’s brother-in-low and treating with CDs negligently (he denied his immixture in this accident). I phoned to my boss and said I had a conflict situation and I couldn’t resolve it. “Must we fight or you prefer call the police?” He said, “Well, exchange a damned CD!” I returned to the band and gave myself up, “Give your CD, I’ll exchange it” Do you know what? The winner forgot to take CD with him. After all I had to meet him again. But I wouldn’t. The man wouldn’t come a next day and a day after. He would come never. Had he lost the CD? Had somebody prank him up?