A Goon

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Aug 18, 2019 18:05
“…What a goon!”, a girl, a seller in a shoes store where I came in, scorched me her eyes. She was loudly talking with her female coworkers. I thought that she could talk not so loudly. At least, it was contempt to a visitor or that store had a strange way to attract customers. Why did I have to listen to her roulades? I wish I knew who was she was scolding, her boyfriend? I unvoluntarily went on listening to what she saying. Wait a minute! I suddenly realized – it was I she was berating who! When I was coming into the store, a woman with a baby carriage was staying at the door. The store didn’t have a rampant, so the woman had difficulty to get down on the sidewalk from the porch, but I didn’t notice that she needed to help. She stayed in the entrance behind the outside and inside doors. She put the baby carriage across the path and looked back. All that looked like she was waiting for somebody, maybe her husband, who had to come out from the store. At least, she could ask me. At least, the sellers could ask me (if they didn’t have a rampant)! I had to say something, but I was stunned a bit. I already browsed almost all of the shoes – nothing interesting, so justI went away, brutalized and humilitated.