It's time to use "KOTATSU".

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Nov 26, 2010 11:13
It's a little chilly outside.
However, I feel warm and comfy.

I'm sitting under a kotatsu now.

Have you ever heard of it?

The picture above is the kotatsu.
It's a low table with an electric heater underneath and covered by a quilt.
This might look strange, but this is a typical way of heating in Japan.
Of course, not all Japanese use it, but it's a must for me during cold days.

Using other heating devices, only my feet feel chilled, but a kotatsu keeps my feet very warm.

There is a children's song, "雪(SNOW)".
The words of the song are written as below;
犬は喜び庭かけまわり Dogs are running around the garden.
猫はこたつで丸くなる Cats are snuggling under the kotatsu.

I have no doubt that these cats need it like me.