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Sep 20, 2010 22:17 introduction
Hello everyone!∩_∩
I am Rowe.
That is my nick name and sometimes I use it on the internet as an account username.
I have written some essays on lang-8 about IELTS writing and this is my first time to write something about myself.

I was born in a normal family at Shanghai in the summer of 1986.
So I am a typically so-called 80-after which is the special generation growing up with Chinese reform and opening.

I have been working as a Java programmer for about two years in a Japanese company.
I love Japanese animation very much and I also learn Japanese from that.
I hope I can be dispatched to Japan next year and live a while.

I also have another big plan: to immigrate to Australia through skill immigration.
My uncle has become an Australian citizen in last year and he told me that he had enjoyed a different life which was more interesting and freedom than the life in china.

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