Feeling super confident today

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Jul 26, 2017 20:20
I had a test today and I nailed it. Although today is still super hot, I feel great and super satisfied with my appearance. Hahaha!! Sometimes I am super confident while most of the time I am not. My mom once told me that when I was just born, I was too ugly that no relatives wanted to hug and kiss me. I also saw some pics from my childhood, I knew she was telling the truth. And during my childhood, I was surrounded by beautiful girls. They were like the flowers and I was just the leaf to make them more glorious. So I never thought I was pretty when I was a child.
Since the secondary school, I kept shof hair. I was the famous Tom Boy at that time. Actually, I was almost a boy that time. I ran faster than most boys, I was stronger than most boys and I had more boy friends than girl freinds. Even now, my friends from that time still call me bro Jia (嘉哥). So at that time, I was handsome instead of being beautiful.
I started to keep long hair since the second year of my university life, to be specific, last year. I still don't get along with it. It makes me feel annoying a lot. But my boyfriend love it. And he almost says that I am beautiful everyday. I thought he was just being sweet, but later I found he was serious. And he keeps doing that for almost one year. Then I started to feel I am really beautiful. Maybe I am still ugly to a lot of people, and sometimes to myself. But I do feel good when I am confident in that.
I hope I can keep the confidence, not super one but the apporiate one, it motivates me to become better, not only in the appearance, but also when I am to do other things.