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Sep 9, 2010 12:03
Today, I'm going to talk about "K-pop" which means "Korean Pop Music". :-)
(If you are not interested in K-pop, you might be bored. Haha )

Recently I enjoy listening to K-pop. I fundamentally like to listening to foreign music, and now we can easily listen to music on the internet. For example, I was not big fan of Tohoshikin, but I liked them a lot. They were a well-behaved, neat, and adorable for Japanese people, and each member of Tohoshinki has display their originality. Tohoshinki(東方神起) tried to speak and sang in Japanese, and they were HUGE in Japan, and they had a lot of fans these years. However, after 3 members of Tohoshinki had a trouble with their company and virtual broke up, we can't see "Tohoshinki" in 5 members any more. Even though I was not big fan of them, I miss them a lot.. haha.

We have a lot of great musicians in Japan, but ,as you can see, we have many trashy music too.. I don't know why but there are tons of songs which were sold by comedians, actors, actress, or models who only have popularity. I think this is a bad side of Japanese show business. And there are many Japanese idol groups who have lukewarm talent for acting, singing and whatever! Usually they have no talent, and some of them are even not that "cute" or "good-looking". (Oh well..) I know they do well for their level of talent, but I really don't like it. :-P (Sorry if you like J-pop idol groups.) They are intended only for the geek (Otaku), and I'm very disgusted about it. haha! Even though I individually like of some of threir personality, I don't feel good they selling such poor songs!

Note: In Japan, we have rich in variety of songs more than Korean music because I heard Korean music entertainment are not open to any kinds of music. This is a good side of Japanese show business.

Anyway, I think K-pop idol groups have a minimum level of talent required, and they train enough to show their perfomance. Also, the company invested heavily in their pre-debut time to train them. I don't know much about the system of Korean entertaiment, but this is a very big different and also a big deal!! I heard that the music business scale is much smaller in Korea than that of Japan, so the company train to trainees learn Japanese (or Chinese) before they debut to get into foreign markets for the future. Several Korean idol groups have already come to Japan to sell their music like Tohoshinki recently.

I think they sing well enough, and they also visually entertain me with their dance. I think they polish thier dance very much to entertain people. The music are very catchy, and I like their style of dance a lot. So, to be honest, I really don't like their ballad songs because I can't enjoy their dances. :-P hehe.

So K-pop idol groups never makes me disgusting like Japanese idol groups. (From the very beginning I even don't want to listen to their songs... ) I don't know whole music of Korean entertainment, but I can say, a category of "idol groups", K-pop idol groups are much better than Japanese idol groups.

Recently I like watching the TV programs that they showed up on Youtube, but I don't understand Korean, so I don't know what they are talking about. I need Japanese subtitles...(anyone..please..) :'-D I know many Korean idol groups, but I usually listen to Tohoshinki, SNSD, 2NE1, Super Junior, After school, and Big Bang. If you know good up-tempo songs, please tell me. ;-)
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