Why Are You Interested In Japanese?

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Jul 9, 2010 18:06
Can I ask you something?

*****Please forget about correcting my diary.*****
(It's a troublesome work, huh? :-P)
I want you to leave your comments. ;-)
I just want to know why you started to learn Japanese.

WHAT and WHEN were you first introduced to Japan?
Anime? J-pop? Sushi? or.. Traditional things?
Hmm......... xD

I am very surprised I found many people learning Japanese at Lang-8. Even now there are a lot of good English subtitles with each movies or Animes, you guys still want to learn and speak Japanese, right? That's amazing, isn't that? :D
So I'm just curious about why you are interested in Japanese.

I'm very looking forward to hearing from you!!!!!!!! YOU! ;-3


PS. I don't mind at all if you kindly correct my diary. haha.

PS. Wow, I got some wonderful comments! I promise I'll read all!!! ;-9

PS. You also could read someone's else responses. It must be fun for you! ;-)