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Hello, I am studying English!
I'm always thanksful for your corrections!
I hope we can work well together.
一緒に頑張りましょう~☆ (^^)/

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Testimonials from My Friends

Miyabi is an extremely jovial and kind person. Seeing her corrections and comments always made my day! I'm glad to have her as a friend here. ^^ Moreover, she's a teacher at a school, so her corrections often consist of Japanese slang and everyday Japanese, which would allow you to learn a lot from her. (/・ω・)/
遅ればせながらの紹介文です!ฅ'ω'ฅmiyabi さんはLang-8で一番好きな人です。いつもすぐに添削してくださり、優しいコメントを沢山くださるのに、私は英語の勉強をお手伝いできず残念です。彼女はよくかわいい顔文字を使っていらっしゃるので、最初は学生さんかと思っていましたが、投稿を読ませていただき、小学生の先生だとわかりました(•ω•)きっと彼女は子供たちから愛されています!!私もこんな先生がよかったな。大事なことを言い忘れていました!私も猫ちゃんが好きです😻
Miyabi is so friendly, kind and caring! She has already made so many corrections which include both (casual) spoken language and written language; so they're super helpful in learning how to sound more natural / not so textbookish. Plus, she always leaves some really sincere and encouraging comment. She does her best to answer any questions you have / help you with Japanese. Coupled with her cheerfulness, studying Japanese with her doesn't really feel like the chore that is studying at all!
Wataru Ford
Miyabi is so kind and cheery. It's great having people like her on Lang-8. miyabiさんは親切で機嫌のいいですよ。miyabiさんのような人たちがLang-8にいるにはすごいです。
miyabiさんは友好的で親切な方です。添削やコメントは愛情に満ち溢れています。彼女の言葉は生き生きとしています。彼女のWith native langは口語を学ぶうえでの最良の教材です。 miyabi is a kind, friendly person. Every correction she makes and every comment she leaves are filled with love. Her words are vivid. Reading her "With native lang" is your best bet to learn Japanese everyday language.