Film review -- Pygmalion

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Oct 15, 2016 23:14
It’s my first time to see a black and white movie.
It was a little difficult for me to recognize things without its color.
About fifteen minutes later, I was used to seeing it gradually, so I finally could enjoy it.

Overall, I really like this movie. It included a lot of interesting and important concept of this society to let us reflect on.
For example, the class gap, gender inequality and linguistic hegemony and so on.

It came to my mind that Taiwan was a colony.
During the Japanese colonial era, people had to learn and speak Japanese, or they were unable to get good job or get into good school.
It may also be a kind of linguistic hegemony. Even after the Republic of China government came to Taiwan, people were banned to speak mandarin, or they would be fined.
Therefore, lots of people forgot their native language――Taiwanese, Hakka or other aboriginal language.
It’s a pity that we lost our cultural root because of this dictatorship at that time.

I think the actress who acted Eliza was quite talented.
She perfectly performed the difference of Eliza between before and after training, just like two people.
Before Eliza was trained for a lady, her behavior was ridiculous but quite cute, I think it’s her personal style and charming.
I feel a little sad that she became an unhappy lady because of Higgins’ rigorous training.

I also like the ending.
It didn’t tell us whether Eliza came back or not directly but let us imagine by ourselves.
The open ending like this is much more interesting.