The following is an essay written for my test paper, I am sorry tha...

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Nov 28, 2018 08:17 environmental protection
The following is an essay written for my test paper, I am sorry that I can't put the pictures here.

The two pictures illustrate the changes commercial fishing has generated from 1900 to 1995. There used to be one fishing boat on the water and a large body of fish underneath in 1990, but the proportion came out utterly reversed in 1995.
The glaring truth the drawer wants to tell us is apparently that those profit-seekers exerted devastating damages to the environment through killing more fish than the nature could bear. Finally, human kind would end up unable to survive.
Although the situation is not as serious as is shown in the pictures, we had better caution ourselves against hurting the nature too much and take steps to recover the damages we had already caused. First and foremost, legislations should be involved and relevant regulations and laws are required to ban excessive fishing activities. Second, data as regards the current situation in the face of the fishery ought to be promoted to those in the industry to make them beware of the consequences if they continued. Last, subsidies and training programs could be provided and encouraged for fishermen to pivot to other jobs.
In effect, fishery is not the only industry that needs alarming, attention must be paid to all aspects of society so that we could live in peace with nature and as a result live a life with real freedom.