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Jun 30, 2011 12:43 comedy japan
Today, I am going to write about Japanese comedy! I have been thinking that I should write about it because I love Japanese comedy. A lot of what I introduce to you today may be difficult for Japanese learners, but I know some of my friends here are very good at Japanese, so I decided to share my favorites.

Japanese comedies are often played by two people. One is called ボケ(silly man) and the other is called ツッコミ(straight man.) Boke often say something stupid or not correct. Tsukkomi corrects boke's errors at great speed. I think Tsukkomi gives a general view to boke's saying, and the contrast between silliness and seriousness makes the performance funnier.
Okay, enough of the explanations. Let's watch!


A guy having a stomachache calls an ambulance.
This is called コント style performance where performers act for a few minutes.
This duo is good at 漫才(まんざい) too. I'll give you an example of manzai below.

2. チュートリアル

The guy on the right is getting a dog. The guy on the left actually wants to have a dog, but he can't. He makes the guy on the right say something that makes him not want a dog.
This is probably very hard for Japanese learners because they talk in kansai dialect really fast. This is typical in manzai. A lot of manzai comedians are from the west Japan. I learned kansai dialect watching manzai as a child. I think many Japanese who aren't from kansai did the same with me. If you want to study kansai dialect, here is a site for you.

3.東京03(とうきょう ぜろさん)

Two guys are working at a convenience store at midnight. A robber comes in.(konto)
This has English subtitles, so it's probably easy to understand. You need to click the button on the right to see the subtitles.


The guy on the left wants the other guy to quit smoking. He says if the guy quit smoking, he will quit soy sauce.(manzai)

Sorry, I couldn't find a good youtube video of them, but this video on tudou is definitely worth watching.
A guy thinks he is having a job interview, but the store manager thinks he shoplifted.(konto)

I also like さまぁ〜ず、バナナマン、麒麟、アンタッチャブル、NON STYLE. If you are interested in Japanese comedies, you should check them out :)
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