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Jun 18, 2011 02:04 book
Today, I went to downtown and bought an awesome English book!
It's titled "what it feels like..." This book lets you learn what it feels like to walk on the moon, to be struck by lightning, to change your gender, to win the lottery, to be bitten by a shark, to be shot in the head, to go over Niagara falls in a barrel, etc... There are over 50 first-person accounts and every single story seems so interesting!

I read first three stories in a train. The first one was "what it feels like to be struck by lightning." I thought, "whoa, great! The first one is what I like to know the most!" because I've been thinking that being struck by lightning is the best and coolest way to die.
I read a few sentences and I got so interested that my eyes were wide open and I was grinning the whole time. There were so many things I had never thought of.

I'd like to share a part of the lightning story with you.

"I remember the air had a sweet ozone smell to it. That's about the last thing I recall before the strike.
When the bolt hit, I was absolutely frozen, just as cold as I've ever been in my entire life, but then part of me was incredibly hot, too. I saw these red flashing lights, and I kept thinking, "It's a fire truck! A fire truck!" as if I were a little kid. Then there was the most incredible noise I'd ever heard. The sound was so loud that I honestly couldn't hear anything. Evidently, it's so loud that it blows the cilia in the ear completely flat."

I couldn't stop reading. I almost missed my station.

The good thing about this book is that every story is 2 or 3 pages long.
It's easier to read and I don't get bored!